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About METI

METI Advisory AG was established by Dr. Mattia L. Rattaggi (Managing Partner) on 3 September 2019, following 17 months of successful advisory carried out on an individual basis. METI comes from 'Metis', a mythical Titaness in the Greek Mythology, mother of wisdom and deep thought, embodying prudence, wisdom and wise counsel. The Greek word metis meant a quality that combine wisdom and cunning.


Mattia Rattaggi is Founder and Managing Partner of METI Advisory AG, Co-founder of SEBA Crypto AG project, BoD Member of the Crypto Valley Association, Founding advisor and board member of Thaler Real Estate Consulting AG, Advisory board member in selected crypto companies. He is a Fintech business developer and promoter of initiatives to strengthen crypto markets. He is a thought leader in blockchain, crypto finance, financial risk and regulation, and regular speaker at international conferences and writer.


Mattia Rattaggi combines an advanced exposure to blockchain technology, deep expertise in crypto finance and regulation, with 25-year experience in the financial industry, in senior risk, compliance, audit and governance positions. He has delivered fintech and crypto projects and services to financial companies, trade associations and regulatory bodies. He holds a Ph.D in economics from the University of Fribourg and carried out research at the University of Cambridge (U.K.). He has  a multi-lingua and multi-cultural background.

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Current disclosed mandates include

Consultant to SEBA Crypto AG, Board member at Thaler Real Estate Consulting AG, Advisor Board member at FICAS AG, Advisor to Xwiss AG, Board member of Crypto Valley Association.