The Future of Cryptocurrencies Investments (April 2021)

In this webinar I explain the significant accessibility gap separating the access to traditional financial instrument from the access to cryptocurrencies and the differences between the market for traditional financial instruments and the market for cryptocurrencies. I conclude that for the time being nearly all financial instruments such as ETF, ETP or ETN created to facilitate the access to cryptocurrencies constitute merely technical value propositions (taking away from the investor the technicalities against a management fee but leaving the investor alone in managing the economics of his or her investment). FiCAS cryptocurrencies investment vehicle (ISIN CH0548689600; Symbol BTCA) on the contrary provides the investor with a technical and an economic value proposition in an asset management context. FiCAS manages the investment on behalf of the investor with the aim to score positive absolute performance irrespective from the actual nature and development of the top 15 cryptocurrencies by market cap (which constitutes the investable universe for FiCAS). FiCAS is a precursor and indicates the direction towards which cryptocurrencies investment vehicles must and will evolve in order to remain valid value proposition in the longer term.