Evolution of the Global Payment System (June 2022)

I was delighted to bring METI Advisory ’s experience and knowledge to the world’s leading professional organisation for risk managers – GARP - during their annual convention in New York, as part of the panel “Evolution of the Global Payment System”.
Attended by 100-150 senior risk executives with live streaming to a global audience of over 300 delegates, the panel discussed the developments of, and key factors affecting, digital currencies, key events such as the President’s Executive Order, Covid and the Ukraine/Russia conflict, how regulatory uncertainty conditions established or start-up digital payment firms, the key themes in digital payment innovation and market potential, Stablecoins, CBDCs, and concrete examples of innovative payment solutions.
Well moderated by Kate Goldman, from Elliptic, I shared the floor with Michael B. Greenwald (former senior US Treasury official) and Fiachre O'Neill, CRO of PayPal.