Introducing Edelcoin (May 2023)

I was happy to introduce Edelcoin on 4 May 2023 to the crypto valley community, in an SFTA & CVLab promoted event.

Edelcoin is a cryptocurrency stablecoin fully backed by a basket of precious and base metals.

Edelcoin stands out compared to existing stablecoins in a number of innovative ways:

???? It provides users with an absolute peace of mind regarding the reserve:

???? The reserve pre-exists the minting of Edelcoin (the stablecoin is not issued against delivery of the stabilising asset, like in the usual cases; it is issued against pre-existing reserves audited and stored according to the highest industry standards).

???? The reserve is legally co-owned by the Edelcoin’s holders, fully disclosed and independently regularly priced.

???? The reserve (precious and base metals) is not invested (Edelcoin’s holders do not incur any risk of de-peg due to mis-investment of the reserve, such as it happened with USDC / Silicon Valley bank, and also not subject to the uncertainty that has characterised UST).

???? The reserve always exceeds the pair by a factor of 25% (providing extra comfort to the Edelcoin’s holders).

???? It protects users against fiat-driven inflationary forces, because Edelcoin is not pegged to fiats but to precious and base metals. It actually offers the users a potential for relative value appreciation, as the Edelcoin’s value is driven by the value of the reserves.

???? It provides users with stability-enhancing portfolio effects, given that Edelcoin does not represents a single metal but a basket of (industrial) precious and basis metals (excluding the ‘bankable’ ones – gold, silver and palladium).

The primary market ICO shall take place during 3Q23, and the secondary market trading shall be available on exchanges and concern pairs that will grow over time (tba).

Both the primary market and secondary market activities shall generate financial resources that will be dedicated to the promotion of eco-friendly and nano-mining initiatives as well as social / charitable initiatives globally.

The Edelcoin constitutes the minimum viable product. Edelcoin shall develop an own ecosystem over time.

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