Crypto Valley Summit 2023 (October 2023)

It was a pleasure to attend, and speak at, the Crypto Valley Summit 2023 on 3-4 October 2023. A successful and outstanding event from several perspectives:

???? The event celebrated the 10th anniversary of Crypto Valley, looking back at the numerous world-first achievements in the area, and looking forward to continuing building a decentralized industry, and serving as inspiration to others.

???? The people and firms attending the event collectively contributed overwhelming ‘substance’, evidencing the filtering effect of last year’s ‘governance’ bubble explosion, and the evaporation of speculative initiatives during the enduring valuations cryptowinter.

???? It was also apparent that many traditional players such as Visa, Citi and Zuger Kantonalbank - just to name a few - are embracing cryptofinance, and that several blockchain players, for example Polygon, relentlessly innovate. Cryptovalley’s capital Zug is itself poised to become a global hub for blockchain fundamental research.

???? The agenda was as usual carefully curated, with topics ranging from the
Crypto Valley as an ecosystem to Metaverse, going through Web2 vs Web3, traditional finance embracing cryptofinance, IP and blockchain, DeFi trends, startups VC aspects, Staking, Stablecoins, Cryptoregulation, gaming, DAO, and RWA tokenisation.