Davos 2024 (January 2024)

The series of web3 events that occurred around the WEF 2024 in Davos (Switzerland) this year were truly impressive by number, content and quality. METI Advisory was happy to speak in two panel discussions hosted by the week-long conference Crypto2030, which I helped organising - the inaugural panel on Global Crypto Regulation and the panel discussion on CBDCs and Stablecoins. I also benefited greatly from attending the FO Investors Summit, the Asset Rush gathering, the Davos Innovation Week - where I spoke in the panel on Asset-backed cryptos, and in the interviews recorded by Albus talks.

During Crypto2030 I shared the floor with Yves de la Rose (Founder and CEO of the EOS Network Foundation), Alessio Quaglini (CEO & Cofounder Hex Trust), Guido Schmitz-Krummacher (Bancor, Notardec, Liquidapps, Vault, and “co-cryptovalley -veteran), and Juan Carlos Reyes (President of CNAD, the national regulator of El Salvador). I also shared the floor on CBDC and stablecoins with Morten Bech (head of BIS Innovation Hub), Yves Longchamp (MD at AMINA Bank), Kumardev Chatterjee (CEO at Blue Hat Founders) and Johnna Powell (MD at DTCC).

The FO Investors Summit offered, amongst the great panels, an inspiring keynote address by Bill Tai, world famous Venture Capitalist, sharing they way he looks at start ups projects and his views on the technological wave.

The Asset Rush gathering featured the presentation of the book Assetization, exploring ways to radically expand and democratise investing through a new approach to what is known in financial services as securitisation.