Honored industry-only representative at annual IOSCO/BIS conference (November 2019)

Honored to represent the Cryptovalley and its association (CVA) in a IOSCO / BIS close-door event featuring 120 regulators from 57 countries. The 2-day conference on securities trading issues and market infrastructure offered great formal and informal discussion opportunities as well as a panel on cryptocurrencies (shared with Nick Cook from FCA and Adrien Delcroix from EBC) that touched on a variety of cryptofinance and DLT issues including ICO / STO, Stablecoins, cryptoassets and DLT benefits, risks, economic function, cryptoregulation, debate on the adequate regulatory approach, the issue of CBDC issuance, market infrastructure including cryptoexchanges and their regulation, latest AML rules and their implementation, as well as overall prospect for cryptofinance.