Best Investment Product Nomination - FiCAS / Bitcoin Capital (March 2023)

Happy to report that, after the numerous awards won by SEBA Bank AG, which METI's Managing Partner Dr Mattia Rattaggi has co-founded and advised for a number of years, another start up that METI Advisory AG has incubated, brought up to stability, and that Dr Mattia Rattaggi is currently chairing, has been nominated along two other firms for the award of best Investment Product 2023.

  • In the early 2020, when the mainstream market was just getting comfortable with the idea of buying cryptos through the banking sector via passive ETPs, FiCAS AG was started with the courage and determination to bring to market the world first actively managed ETP with 15 cryptocurrencies as underlyings. The separated issuer, Bitcoin Capital AG,, was also incorporated.

  • We overcame new legal and regulatory hurdles, and navigated service providers through unchartered waters, to engineer a new operating framework, able to support the mechanics of an actively managed ETP in a risk controlled and institutional-grade environment.

  • We listed it in 3 jurisdictions and made it available to all investors across the EEA. We were able to grow AuM significantly from scratch, and recently to draw and implement important lessons regarding market risk management, active investment management, and risk control.

  • Since 9 months we enjoy NM and performant results again in a challenging market, and have launched new products too. We now look forward to taking the company to the next level.

  • We remain convinced that an active approach to cryptoasset investment management based on widely accessible products will act as a key differentiator in the industry going forward.

  • We are particularly pleased to be nominated in the best crypto investment product category.

  • The nomination itself is a success for us.

The FiCAS / Bitcoin Capital team & Chairman Dr Mattia Rattaggi (METI Advisory AG)