Dr. Mattia L. Rattaggi elected Chairman of the Arts3 Foundation (March 2024)

I am very happy to inform you that I have accepted to chair the Arts3 Foundation (www.arts3.org) – a new Foundation I have had the pleasure to design and implement in the course of the last couple of months in an advisory capacity.

👉 The Arts3Foundation supports qualifying projects, start-ups, other foundations and charitable associations in the Web3 space that promote the Art & Entertainment Industry. It backs in particular Web3-related technical innovations and tools that ultimately empower creators & artists.

🎯 I personally believe that, alongside the financial services industry, the art & entertainment industry is equally poised to benefit materially from the disintermediation power, and the solutions to involve the broader population in the process, offered by web3 approaches / DLT technologies. And I shall be happy to contribute to positive and sustainable outcomes through the role at the Foundation.

💪 In the Foundation Board I am fortunate to be joined by Leo Matchett and Andrea Lerdo de Tejada