Swiss Metaverse Association published position paper on regulation (April 2024)

Co-authored by METI Advisory's managing partner Dr. Mattia L. Rattaggi, the Swiss Metaverse Association published a position paper on Metaverse regulation.
📢 The adoption of Metaverse in business, government, and social activities is ineluctable. Its emergence is just the latest step in the (exponential) digitalisation of our lives.
➡ The Metaverse brings about large, interactive, virtualspaces where persons can work, play, relax, transact and socialise. It synthetises existing and emerging digital technologies such as cloudcomputing, quantum, VR / AR, artificial intelligence AI, blockchain, and grants 24/7 accessibility from anywhere, through increasingly sophisticated technological devices.
❓ It came naturally, to the Metaverse Association, to ask whether in Switzerland we already have the regulatory certainty needed to support the development of sustainable and thriving Metaverse projects and related companies in Switzerland, and necessary to respond to potential risk exposures and dangers for participants in the Metaverse and for the broader society.
💡 The Swiss Metaverse Association has acknowledged the social and entrepreneurial need for regulation in the Metaverse. Under the title "Creating Certainty for the Metaverse", the co-authors Dr. Mattia L. Rattaggi, head of the working group "Regulatory, Tax, and Legal Policy", and Dr. Daniel Diemers, Head Expert Tribe, developed a clear orientation framework for political decision-makers and regulatory authorities on behalf of the Swiss Metaverse Association. Furthermore, they defined four concrete recommendations for action.