A Week to Remember (August 2019)

Eventful week, the week 24-31 August 2019, in Cryptovalley and beyond. First, after months of visionary, creative, hard and disciplined work, two Swiss regulated universal cryptobanks (banking and securities dealers licenses) were born - SEBA and Sygnum. A unique experience - navigating uncharted waters - for those (like me) who have been directly involved. The delivery is a game changer for the crypto and the broader financial ecosystem. Second, FINMA issued Swiss-finished crypto AML rules: Rules that are more stringent than the international FATF standard. Departing from an international standard is particularly bad if the direction is ‘less’ (worst case: not applied). ‘More’ may be good for the ecosystem in the longer term if the quantum is administered thoughtfully. Bank's capital rules teach. But embedded in the FATF standard is the complex VASP travel rule, the implementation of which (as highlighted in an event organized by Crypto Valley Association) requires detailed conceptual clarity and a crypto SWIFT. The race to provide it is open. Third, the visit by US House representatives to Swiss authorities re Libra did not temper the(ir) concerns. No surprise. The concerns raised by a stable coin à la Libra are geopolitically monetary in nature and can only be tempered at the G7-G20 level.