Interviewed by the Italian-speaking Swiss national television (October 2023)

I was happy to be interviewed by the Italian-speaking Swiss national television about Zug cryptovalley and its cryptofinance industry in the context of a documentary centered around the promotion of a blockchain-based industry in the south of Switzerland (LuganoPlanB; Chiasso’s Cryptopolis). In my view the documentary overly stressed the risks at the expense of those who try to be entrepreneurial there.

The part of the program that highlights the approach followed by Zug and some of the activities I have been promoting here, starts from minute 51 in the following video (link:

Switzerland has always followed a ‘cryptonation’ approach. Federal Councilor Johann Schneider-Ammann coined and launched the expression publicly in January 2018. As earlier as in 2017 the cryptovalley association (CVA) was targeting all Switzerland and beyond. I am not a fan of approaches that try to oppose hubs within Switzerland. It remains a fact that cryptonation Switzerland originated in Zug 10 years ago. Zug is today home of 510 or about 50% of the blockchain companies surveyed in Switzerland (end 2022) which employ nearly 6'000 persons.

I look and support the developments occurring in hubs such as Lugano, with enthusiasm and with the conviction that such initiatives can be properly risk-managed and thereby contribute to a stronger and more diversified ‘cryptonation’, as well as impacting and rejuvenate the (local) economy(ies). Cryptovalley Zug with its 10 years anniversary and number of companies / employees, is a living evidence that this is possible.