News Overview

Headline Year Month Day Country
China PBoC bans ICOs 2017 September 4 China
Hong Kong SFC warns against ML risks in ICOs 2017 September 5 Hong Kong
Lichtenstein FMA issues ICO factsheet 2017 September 10 Lichtenstein
UK FCA warns investors against ICO risks 2017 September 12 UK
Thailand SEC warns investors against ICO risks 2017 September 14 Thailand
Gibraltar GFSC announces DLT regulatory framework 2017 September 22 Gibraltar
Japan FAS warns investors against ICO risks 2017 September 27 Japan
South Korean FSC bans ICOs 2017 September 29 South Korea
IMF analysis virtual currencies 2017 September 29 Global
Swiss FINMA issues ICO guidance 2017 September 29 Switzerland
Australian ASIC issues ICO factsheet 2017 September 30 Australia
Abu Dhabi FSRA issues ICO and virtual currencies guidance 2017 October 9 Abu Dhabi
US CFTC informs about risk of virtual currencies 2017 October 17 US
France AMF consults on ICO regulation 2017 October 26 France
Vietnam central bans bitcoin 2017 October 30 Vietnam
FSB reports on financial stability implications of AI 2017 November 1 Global
Brazil regulator warns against ICO risks 2017 November 4 Brazil
German BaFin warns against ICO risks 2017 November 9 Germany
EU ESMA warns against ICO risks 2017 November 13 EU
Dutch AFM warns against ICO risks 2017 November 13 Holland
Singapore MAS announces smart financial centre strategy 2017 November 14 Singapore
Singapore MAS issues ICO guidance 2017 November 14 Singapore
ECB will not regulate bitcoin 2017 November 22 EU
Polish KNF warns against ICO risks 2017 November 22 Poland
EU parliament adopts Fintech text 2017 November 30 EU
Belgium FSMA warns against ICO risks 2017 November 30 Belgium
Argentina regulator warns against ICO risks 2017 December 4 Argentina
Swiss Finance Minister holds second Fintech roundtable 2017 December 11 Switzerland
Italy Central Bank and CONSOB announce Sandbox 2017 December 11 Italy
US SEC issues statement on ICO and cryptocurrencies 2017 December 11 US
Mexico regulator warns against ICO risks 2017 December 13 Mexico
US FSOC reports on virtual currencies usage 2017 December 15 US
Gibraltar GFSC announces DLT regulatory principles 2017 December 15 Gibraltar
UK FCA issues statement on DLT 2017 December 15 UK
G20 to debate crypto regulation at next meeting 2017 December 17 Global
UK BoE issues statement on bitcoin and financial stability 2017 December 20 UK
Israel regulator proposes stack exchange ban for cryptocompanies 2017 December 25 Israel
Belarus President legalises crypto, ICO; tax-free transactions for 5 years 2017 December 26 Belarus
North American NASAA warns against ICO risks 2018 January 4 US
Venezuela Congress declares petro cryto currency illegal 2018 January 9 Venezuela
Swiss Federal SIF announces establishment of DLT/ICO working group 2018 January 10 Switzerland
South Korean justice ministry prepares bill to ban cryptoexchanges 2018 January 11 South Korea
Brazil CVM issues guidance for investment fund managers 2018 January 12 Brazil
US FSOC establishes working group to address cryptocurrencies 2018 January 12 US
France Minster of Economy creates digital currencies working group 2018 January 15 France
Germany Bundesbank points to regulatory arbitrage dangers 2018 January 15 Germany
Malta Authorities launch project for first legal blockchain framework 2018 January 17 Malta
EC unveils policy recommendations on blockchain 2018 January 17 EU
IOSCO issues communication on ICO concerns 2018 January 18 Global
US SEC issues letter on fund innovation and crypto holdings 2018 January 18 US
US SEC & CFTC issue joint statement on crypto 2018 January 19 US
US SEC warns lawyers against risks of advising ICOs 2018 January 22 US
South Korea FSC announces measures to allow cryptotrading 2018 January 23 South Korea
Malaysia BNM and SC caution against risks of ICOs 2018 January 23 Malaysia
Russia Ministry of Finance introduces draft crypto law 2018 January 30 Russia
EC launches the EU blockchain observatory 2018 February 1 EU
US CFTC issues subpoena to Bitfinex and Tether 2018 February 1 US
US Wyoming politicians request regulatory exemption for blockchain tokens 2018 February 1 US
EU introduces crypto AML 2018 February 1 EU
Japan FSA raides Coincheck 2018 February 2 Japan
BIS says crypto are Ponzi and environmental disaster 2018 February 6 Global
US SEC to prioritise crypto and ICOs 2018 February 7 US
US NY DSF warns crypto businesses against fraud risk  2018 February 7 US
France and Germany write to G20 about merits and risks of crypto 2018 February 9 France
Hong Kong SFC warns exchanges about ICO compliance to securities laws 2018 February 9 Hong Kong
Gibraltar anticipates details of DLT regulation 2018 February 9 Gibraltar
US CFTC warns against pump and dump schemes in crypto 2018 February 15 US
BCBS issues final sound practice fintech paper 2018 February 19 Global
BCBS says bitcoin not money and warns against ML risks 2018 February 19 Global
Spanish CNMV says no registered ICO to date 2018 February 20 Spain
Hong Kong SFC warns against risks in ICOs 2018 February 20 Hong Kong
Japan FSA has no intention to curb crypto industry 2018 February 22 Japan
France AMF issues summary of ICO consultation responses 2018 February 22 France
Belgian FSMA warns against risks in crypto exchanges 2018 February 22 Belgium
UK Treasury Committee launches inquiry into digital currencies and DLT 2018 February 22 UK
Malaysia BNM issues AML and CTF policy for crypto 2018 February 26 Malaysia
EU stands ready to regulate crypto if risks not tackled globally 2018 February 26 EU
US SEC sent subpoenas to dozen of ICO promoters 2018 February 28 US
Canadian consumers agency does not consider cryptocurrencies as legal tender  2018 March 2 Canada
Russian officials propose lighter ICO regulation 2018 March 2 Russia
UK BoE says cryptocurrencies are failing as money 2018 March 2 UK
US SEC issues statement regarding unlawful exchanges 2018 March 9 US
EU EBA prefers banning banks from holding crypto than to regulate crypto 2018 March 9 EU
EC issues Fintech action plan 2018 March 10 EU
South Korea FSC develops plan allowing ICOs 2018 March 12 South Korea
G20 set to request stronger AML monitoring for crypto 2018 March 13 Global
FATF supports Fintech provided in line with AML / CTF requirements 2018 March 13 Global
BIS analyses potential implications of central bank digital money 2018 March 13 Global
FSB says cryptoassets do not pose systemic risk to financial stability 2018 March 13 Global
US Congress issues economic report constructive re crypto 2018 March 13 US
US Congress holds hearings on cryptocurrencies 2018 March 14 US
IMF warns against AML and CTF risks raised by cryptocurrencies 2018 March 14 Global
US CFTC rules cryptocurrencies are commodities 2018 March 15 US
France AMF announces new regulatory framework for ICOs 2018 March 16 France
UK Authorities establish crypto / blockchain Task Force 2018 March 18 UK
G20 acknowledges benefits of DLT but warns against conduct risks 2018 March 20 Global
OECD says work is needed to address tax treatment of crypto 2018 March 20 Global
Israel ISA publishes interim report on crypto 2018 March 20 Israel
Irish department of Finance crypto and DLT discussion paper 2018 March 23 Ireland
Lichtenstein announces working to provide legal certainty on DLT and crypto 2018 March 26 Lichtenstein
India RBI bans dealing in virtual currencies VCs 2018 March 26 India
Kazakstan national bank mulls banning crypto trading and mining 2018 March 31 Kazakhstan
UK FCA says ICO-related services would need an authorisation 2018 April 6 UK
India RBI bans cryptocurrencies trades 2018 April 6 India
22 EU countries establish the European Blockchain Partnership 2018 April 10 EU
Malta MFSA consults on the (DLT asset) Financial Instrument test 2018 April 13 Malta
IMF supportive of crypto 2018 April 17 Global
India RBI bans traders from using banks to trade crypto 2018 April 19 India
EU Parliament strengthens KYC for virtual currencies 2018 April 20 EU
Iran central bank bans crypto transactions 2018 April 22 Iran
Swiss blockchain taskforce issues recommendations 2018 April 30 Switzerland
EU Parliament passes resolution to support DLT / Blockchain 2018 May 18 EU
SEC declares all ICOs are securities; bitcoin not 2018 June 9 US
Thailand SEC proposes cryptoregulation 2018 June 9 Thailand
Canadian dep. of Finance drafts crypto KYC / AML 2018 June 9 Canada
Canada CSA issues token offering notice 2018 June 11 Canada
US SEC declares Ether is not a security 2018 June 13 US
BIS says cryptopolicy response to prevent abuses while allow experiments 2018 June 17 Global
Swiss FINMA updates video and online identification 2018 June 17 Switzerland
Norway Central Bank analysing possible national cryptocurrency 2018 June 20 Norway
Swiss SNB not interested in blockchain currency 2018 June 22 Switzerland
Swiss SBA to work on bank accounts opening for cryptocompanies 2018 June 27 Switzerland
US FBI has 130 cryptocurrencies-related investigations 2018 June 27 US
South Korea FSC approved revised crypto AML guidelines 2018 June 27 South Korea
Malta MFSA approves three blockchain bills 2018 June 27 Malta
UK PRA sends crypto 'Dear CEO letter' to supervised banks 2018 June 28 UK
EU Parliament issues balanced cryptocurrencies report 2018 July 2 EU
EU EBA reports on Fintech risks and opportunities for banks 2018 July 3 EU
UK FCA provides sandbox details and announces global sandbox 2018 July 3 UK
Malta Parliament approves three blockchain bills 2018 July 4 Malta
South Korea government legitimises blockchain industry 2018 July 5 South Korea
South Korea mulls regulation of country's crypto industry 2018 July 11 South Korea
Swiss FINMA defines small banks regime 2018 July 13 Switzerland
Malta MSE to cooperate with digital exchange OKEx 2018 July 15 Malta
US CFTC warns against ICO risks 2018 July 16 US
FSB defines metrics to monitor crypto-assets markets 2018 July 16 Global
Hong Kong HKMA launches trade finance blockchain platform with 7 banks 2018 July 17 Hong Kong
Swiss FINMA revises AML to address FATF concerns 2018 July 18 Switzerland
US Congress holds hearings on cryptocurrencies 2018 July 18 US
UK BoE open to hook up payment system with Fintech / blockchain 2018 July 23 UK
G20 hands-off approach to crypto to continue 2018 July 23 Global
Canada Central Bank analysis introduction of digital currency 2018 July 27 Canada
Dutch Central Bank will not ban cryptocurrencies 2018 August 4 Holland
Germany Stuttgart Exchange unveils plans to develop ICO platform 2018 August 5 Germany
UK FCA has launched the global sandbox 2018 August 7 UK
World Bank to issue the first DLT-based bond 2018 August 9 Global
Jamaica Stock Exchange to develop digital trading facility 2018 August 15 Jamaica
Swiss SIF to consult on potential adaptations to legal set-up following DLT 2018 August 21 Switzerland
Singapore MAS and SGX to offer cryptosecurities and currencies 2018 August 24 Singapore
Swiss FINMA opens consultation on Fintech license 2018 August 28 Switzerland
Lichtenstein opens consultation on DLT law 2018 August 28 Lichtenstein
Despite clamping down on crypto, China invests heavily on blockchain 2018 September 4 China
EU report calls for common cryptocurrencies rules 2018 September 5 EU
Uzbekistan legalises cryptocurrencies trading 2018 September 7 Uzbekistan
EU ECOFIN denounces lack of uniform cryptoregulation in the EU 2018 September 7 EU
Australian ASIC to monitor exchanges and ICO under market rules 2018 September 8 Australia
South Korea FSS proposes better international crypto cooperation 2018 September 13 South Korea
France Finance minister confirms desire to develop cryptonation 2018 September 13 France
France AMF issues ICO questionnaire 2018 September 14 France
EC Vice-president says crypto assets are here to stay 2018 September 14 EU
EU ECB rules out plans to issue digital currency 2018 September 17 EU
FATF works ahead to establish global crypto AML standards 2018 September 19 Global
BCBS to work further on bank's exposure to cryptoassets 2018 September 20 Global
UK Treasury calls for consumers protection crypto rules 2018 September 23 UK
Brazil CVN 2018 September 23 Brazil
Australia ASIC stops several ICOs 2018 September 25 Australia
US Congress asks SEC to clarify cryptoregulation 2018 September 28 US
Japan JFSA hosts roundtable on cryptoassets supervisory oversight 2018 September 28 Japan
First German court: BTC is not a financial instrument 2018 October 14 Germany
EU passes resolution DLT and Blockchain 2018 October 4 EU
UAE plans to introduce ICO for capital markets 2018 October 9 UAE
FSB Report assessing primary crypto risks 2018 October 10 Global
Japan AML regulation for online financial institutions 2018 October 10 Japan
Swiss Regulatory treatment of crypto-assets at banks 2018 October 15 Switzerland
Swiss 3rd Fintech Roundtable of the Federal Dep. of Finance 2018 October 15 Switzerland
Dutch paves the way for extending current law to crypto 2018 October 16 Holland
EU Blockchain and GDPR: Rule-of-thumb principles 2018 October 16 EU
SFC mulling crypto-exchange regulation 2018 October 16 Hong Kong
G7 Best practices for managing cyber risk 2018 October 17 G7
SEC Further enforcements against ICOs 2018 October 17 US
SEC Launches portal to engage with blockchain firms 2018 October 18 US
FATF Changes to recommendations to cover crypto and ICOs 2018 October 19 Global
SFC proposes amendments to AML Guideline 2018 October 22 Hong Kong
Financial Stability Board to start DLT project 2018 October 22 Global
No dedicated crypto law in Hong Kong (proposal HKEX) 2018 October 22 Hong Kong
Thailand’s BOT blockchain-based bond project 2018 October 22 Thailand
China Draft regulation for blockchain startups 2018 October 22 China
US Extraterritoriality, Crypto version 2018 October 24 US
JFSA grants self-regulatory authority to crypto-industry 2018 October 24 Japan
Stronger cybersecurity policies in Philippines 2018 October 24 Philippines
ESMA to clarify MIFID applicability to crypto-assets 2018 October 26 EU
Sweden's central bank prepares for e-krona 2018 October 26 Sweden
China BTC permitted by law 2018 October 26 China
UK Regulatory Crypto-asset Task Force sets UK approach 2018 October 29 UK
Malta’s crypto / blockchain legal framework in force 2018 October 30 Malta
SEC sees its approach as providing an intern. template 2018 November 2 US
IMF’s FSAP in Switzerland focuses first time on Crypto 2018 November 2 Global
HKEX Blockchain Prototype for Trade Settlement 2018 November 1 Hong Kong
HKMA Blockchain-based Trade Finance Platform 2018 November 1 Hong Kong
SFC regulatory approach targets investors protection 2018 November 2 Hong Kong
First SEC enforcement action on token trading platform 2018 November 8 US
SEC expands cryptocurrency crackdown 2018 November 1 US
New Zealand bans three cryptoexchanges 2018 November 2 New Zealand
Brasil consults on crypto tax law 2018 November 2 Brazil
Malaysia to regulate ICO in 2019 2018 November 2 Malaysia
Mauritius consults on custodian services 2018 November 3 Mauritius
SEC to issue ICO guidance 2018 November 5 US
Taiwan gets tougher on cryptotransactions (AML) 2018 November 5 Taiwan
China clamps down on airdrops 2018 November 5 China
French PACTE Law to enter into force in Spring 2019 2018 November 5 France
Thailand fights tax evasion through blockchain 2018 November 6 Thailand
France lowers crypto tax to non-real estate assets level 2018 November 7 France
Korea to decide whether to repeal ICO ban 2018 November 8 South Korea
Italian CONSOB blocks Italian-written foreign ICO 2018 November 9 Italy
Thailand’s SEC to allow first ICO 2018 November 9 Thailand
BaFin shuts down cryptocurrency exchange 2018 November 12 Germany
Korean exchange shuts down under gov. pressure 2018 November 12 South Korea
Singapore Exchange backs STO platform 2018 November 13 Singapore
MAS promotes responsible use of AI & data analytics 2018 November 13 Singapore
IMF backs central banks issuing digital currency 2018 November 13 Global
IMF to continue its attention to blockchain and crypto 2018 November 13 Global
EC to conclude on EU-wide cryptoregulation by year-end 2018 November 13 EU
MAS & SGX developed DvP interblockchain capability 2018 November 14 Singapore
MAS consults on the creation of a sandbox express 2018 November 14 Singapore
AMF issued analysis of trends of ICOs 2018 November 14 France
SEC Statement on Digital Asset Securities issuance & trading 2018 November 16 US
Two ICOs settle with SEC and register token as securities 2018 November 16 US
New York Regulators Grant Crypto License to NYDIG 2018 November 16 US
Japan FSA to introduce crypto wallet regulation 2018 November 19 Japan
DoJ calls for cooperation to prevent criminal abuse 2018 November 20 US
Singapore MAS includes crypto in payment regulation 2018 November 20 Singapore
Singapore SGX issues rules for listed firms issuing ICOs 2018 November 20 Singapore
Unfavorable Swiss Code of Obligations article avoided 2018 November 22 Switzerland
Italian CONSOB orders against three unauthorized firms 2018 November 22 Italy
Businesses can pay taxes in bitcoin in Ohio 2018 November 26 US
UK-FCA investigations have increased in 2018 2018 November 27 UK
SEC: no crypto ETF if no adequate custody solution 2018 November 27 US
US Treasury adds crypto addresses to sanctions list 2018 November 28 US
G20 reiterates pledge to regulate AML for crypto 2018 December 1 Global
FATF reiterates updating crypto AML guidance by June ‘19 2018 December 1 Global
Swiss Fintech license (up to 100CHFm) as of 1 Jan 2018 December 3 Switzerland
Japan to regulate ICOs by adapting existing laws 2018 December 3 Japan
Switzerland to regulate blockchain by adapting existing laws 2018 December 4 Switzerland
Beijing deems STOs illegal; unclarity in other regions 2018 December 5 China
South Africa provides regulatory certainty to crypto 2018 December 6 South Africa
US to promote cryptomarkets while mitigating risks 2018 December 7 US
USA: opposition over SEC crypto jurisdiction in Ohio 2018 December 7 US
Malaysia clarifies cryptocurrency regulation 2018 December 7 Malaysia
Chile making progress on cryptoregulation 2018 December 8 Chile
France issues accounting treatment of ICO and tokens 2018 December 10 France
France legalises transfer of securities on blockchain 2018 December 11 France
SEC supports ICOs and confirms setting up a FinHub 2018 December 11 US
Spain to introduce crypto regulation 2018 December 11 Spain
Holland proposes extending EU banking law to crypto 2018 December 13 Holland
French MPs proposals for Cryptonation France 2018 December 13 France
Swiss Federal Council issues report on DLT regulation 2018 December 14 Switzerland
FINMA rounds-off Fintech license with AML requirements 2018 December 14 Switzerland
Bahrain to rule digital asset and crypto industry 2018 December 14 Bahrain
Hong Kong SFC to limit investment funds to institutionals 2018 December 17 Hong Kong
Italy CONSOB suspends STOs for unauthorised distribution 2018 December 17 Italy
Japan FSA outlines new crypto regulation 2018 December 17 Japan
France rejects cryptofriendly tax regime 2018 December 18 France
Israeli officials consult on priorities to catch-up on crypto 2018 December 19 Israel
US Congress looks to exclude cryptos from securities 2018 December 21 US
UAE completes regulation & work with Dubai / Abu Dhabi 2018 December 21 UAE