Selected Interviews

'Free style' online interview during the Redeye Fintech Seminar (October 2021)

Online interview during the Redeye Fintech Seminar of October 20th, 2021, about my background, the lessons I learnt through my entrepreneurial activity, and about the regulation of cryptofinance.

METI's founder Dr. Mattia Rattaggi highlighted as leading expert in cryptoassets and DLT-based finance (July 2021)

The latest CVVC Swiss Digital Asset and Wealth Management Report ( highlights METI Advisory founder Dr. Mattia L. Rattaggi as a leading expert in the cryptoasset and DLT-based finance spaces.

Crypto-Talk - My first live TV interview in German language

Worin bestehen die Chancen und das Potential von aktiv verwalteten Krypto Anlagen? Heute zu Gast ist Dr. Mattia L. Rattaggi – Verwaltungsratspräsident der FiCAS AG. Im Interview mit David Kunz, COO der BX Swiss gibt er Einblicke warum eine aktive Verwaltung im jetzigen Krypto-Umfeld für Anlegerinnen und Anleger eine wichtige Rolle spielt. Ob die Schweiz, weiterhin ihre Pionierrolle als Krypto-Nation halten kann und warum man nicht den Fehler begehen sollte von Bitcoin & Co zu sprechen, darüber berichtet Dr. Mattia Rattaggi weiter.

METI's founder Dr. Mattia Rattaggi amongst Top 12 Shapers of Swiss DLT Ecosystem (April 2021)

Proud to be amongst the 12 initial SHAPERS of a new initiative under the umbrella of "digitalswitzerland" for a comprehensive, interoperable and reliable Swiss Distributed Ledger Technology infrastructure.

As a first step, we have defined the “4T-DLT” – the Four Pillars of Trustworthy DLT-Ecosystem and have released four short educational videos explaining the basic pillars of a trusted Swiss infrastructure for digital data.

We pursue the approach of “federative, collaborative innovation” with the intention to further strengthen Switzerland as a leading financial centre and a global innovation hub for DLT- and fintech projects – by cooperating across companies, organizations and experts as well as interacting with politicians and regulators.

METI's founder Dr. Mattia Rattaggi featured amongst the Top 50 Global Thought Leaders & Influencers on Cryptocurrency (December 2020)

"Thinkers 360" named METI's Founder and Managing Partner Dr Mattia L Rattaggi amongst the Top 50 Global Thought Leaders and Influencers on Cryptocurrency. Dr Rattaggi commented "it is an honour to be retained as a global thought leader and influencer on cryptocurrency; I take it as a strong incentive to continue on the same path, with renewed enthusiasm and enduring passion, of expanding relentlessly innovation in the finance space".

My (Swiss) view on the EU cryptofinance regulatory proposals (HANFA Online Panel 17 Dec 2020)

I was pleased to offer (my) Swiss view on the EU regulation proposals for cryptoassets and DLT-based market infrastructure in an online panel organized by the Croatian Financial Services Supervisory Agency, and to share the virtual stage with Jacek Czarnecki, Simon Polrot, Martin Erhold, Filip Šaravanja and Anamarija Staničić.

Europe-Australia Blockchain Webinar (9 September 2020)

I was delighted to offer a short overview of the Crypto Valley, its Association CVA, the impact of COVID19, the reasons behind the innovation "Crypto Valley", and stress the pivotal role of regulation, as well as point out the priorities going forward.

360-degree conversation with Teeka Tiwari (February 2020)

360-degree conversation with Teeka Tiwari from Legacy Research about my shift from traditional to digital finance, digital vs traditional banks, my views on cryptofinance adoption, role of infrastructure, crypto regulation in various countries, Swiss Crypto valley ecosystem, Crypto Valley association in 2020, central bank digital currency, Stablecoins, Libra, Business opportunities in crypto finance - crypto trading, custody & asset mgt vs tokenization and STOs.

Bringing the Cryptovalley and the CVA to mainstreet in South Korea (July 2019)

Short interview with South Korea's TV Chosun about why Switzerland's Zug is the epicenter of the Cryptovalley and the origin / rationale of the Crypto Valley Association.

Crypto mass-adoption and Crypto Valley (Newspaper Interview, June 2019)


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