Selected Conferences

Alea Middle East Family Office Summit (Dubai) (October 2021)

Three intensive days in Dubai (picture from the Family Office event), during which I could take a first hand impression of how digital, crypto & DLTs pulse. Giant steps during the last two years in terms of adoption, regulation, presence, perception and plans - resulting in a thriving ecosystem and strong thirst for expert knowledge.

Cryptovalley Summit Leadership Circles (August 2021)

It was a great pleasure to moderate a panel on the professional offering of active cryptocurrencies investment management services, as part of the outstanding Cryptovalley Summit Leadership Circles, held from 30 August to 1 September 2021 in the Swiss Cryptonation Capital Zug - and sharing the stage with Adrian Schatzmann, Ali Mizani Oskui, Guido Buehler, Peter Habermacher and Domino Burki. The event was a great success and perfectly organised at short notice by CVVC.

The Future of Cryptocurrencies Investments (April 2021)

In this webinar I explain the significant accessibility gap separating the access to traditional financial instrument from the access to cryptocurrencies and the differences between the market for traditional financial instruments and the market for cryptocurrencies. I conclude that for the time being nearly all financial instruments such as ETF, ETP or ETN created to facilitate the access to cryptocurrencies constitute merely technical value propositions (taking away from the investor the technicalities against a management fee but leaving the investor alone in managing the economics of his or her investment). FiCAS cryptocurrencies investment vehicle (ISIN CH0548689600; Symbol BTCA) on the contrary provides the investor with a technical and an economic value proposition in an asset management context. FiCAS manages the investment on behalf of the investor with the aim to score positive absolute performance irrespective from the actual nature and development of the top 15 cryptocurrencies by market cap (which constitutes the investable universe for FiCAS). FiCAS is a precursor and indicates the direction towards which cryptocurrencies investment vehicles must and will evolve in order to remain valid value proposition in the longer term.

GARP first ever cryptofinance panel (Virtual Convention, February 2021)


I was pleased to moderate and speak at the GARP Virtual Risk Convention, at its first ever cryptofinance panel entitled “This Time, It's Serious: The Rise of DigitalAssets and Cryptocurrencies”.
With colleagues from the Financial Stability Board, Bitstamp, PayPal and Cornell University we discussed and debated the rise of digital assets, their risks and regulation, and what it will take for banks to fully embrace cryptocurrency.
GARP is the world’s leading professional organization for risk managers with over 250’000 members in more than 190 countries.
I was also particularly pleased to see that GARP, which I contributed to launch back in the nineties globally and in Switzerland, has managed to grow into a truly global and impactful association.

FiCAS AG lists world first discretionary managed cryptocurrencies ETP (July 2020)

Terrific event at SIX Swiss Exchange on 28 July 2020, with full house, celebrating the initial listing of the world first discretionary managed exchange traded product (ETP) conceived and managed by FiCAS AG, that I have the honor and pleasure to chair and advise. Switzerland 's cryptovalley innovates, once again.

Crypto Finance Conference (St Moritz) and World Economic Forum (Davos) (January 2020)

Delighted to attend and support the CFC in St Moritz with FiCAS ( a cryptovalley company introducing the world’ first actively managed exchange traded product (crypto investments) on the Swiss Exchange.

Equally glad to attend several blockchain- and crypto-related events around the WEF 2020 in Davos, including panel discussions on financial services innovation, promoted by World Innovation Economics, and on cryptofinance regulatory approaches, priorities and threats ahead – at the Crypto Valley Summit.

Some frames from the Crypto Valley presentation in Moscow (November 2019)

Moving crypto innovation forward (Moscow, November 2019)

Was happy to update crypto / blockchain Moscow about the Cryptovalley and its Association - discussing ideas to move innovation forward. Interesting catch up with the local ecosystem, particularly comparing it to the height of the ICO bubble, when I last visited. Undoubtedly, a repositioning towards STO / Stablecoins and a maturing process have occurred - even though the material regulatory uncertainty does not help and the dependency on the economic backdrop taints the outlook. The undisputed technical strength is a constant across periods.

Honored industry-only representative at annual IOSCO/BIS conference (November 2019)

Honored to represent the Cryptovalley and its association (CVA) in a IOSCO / BIS close-door event featuring 120 regulators from 57 countries. The 2-day conference on securities trading issues and market infrastructure offered great formal and informal discussion opportunities as well as a panel on cryptocurrencies (shared with Nick Cook from FCA and Adrien Delcroix from EBC) that touched on a variety of cryptofinance and DLT issues including ICO / STO, Stablecoins, cryptoassets and DLT benefits, risks, economic function, cryptoregulation, debate on the adequate regulatory approach, the issue of CBDC issuance, market infrastructure including cryptoexchanges and their regulation, latest AML rules and their implementation, as well as overall prospect for cryptofinance.

10th Anniversary Compliance Management Day of the University of St.Gallen (October 2019)

Felt great to contribute cryptovalley thoughts to how compliance success will look like in a digitised future - during the 10th Anniversary Compliance Management Day of the University of St.Gallen - and to share with distinguished colleagues and panelists broader compliance and digital / cryptofinance views and experiences. The event offered quality discussion not least because of a skillful selection of participants and speakers, representing many industries, large and small businesses, different management functions and the regulatory / governmental sector.

Crypto Valley Conference - 26 June 2019 - A snapshot of the panel Crypto Compliance

Moderating the panel - The take on the FATF Guidance, between the general crypto compliance challenge and priorities.

Introducing the Crypto Valley Ecosystem 2.0 to the World Federation of Exchanges (June 2019)

Introducing the emerging "CryptoValley Ecosystem2.0" to the World Federation of Exchanges (WFE) as well as CVA, SEBA Crypto AG and Xwiss AG, and discussing challenges to traditional exchanges, the economics and prospects of crypto assets and debating strategic response. With Matthias Obrecht (FINMA), Luca Schenk (Xwiss) and representatives from 28 exchanges / jurisdictions. The emerging Crypto Valley Ecosystem 2.0 is characterised by 1) an articulated and performant regulatory environment that provides legal certainty to blockchain, 2) a higher degree of economic integration of blockchain companies, and 3) an institutional-grade market infrastructure, including licensed crypto banks and exchanges.

Compliance & Crypto: Beyond AML (June 2019)

Interesting experience moderating the panel 'compliance & crypto' at CVLab in Zug with colleagues from leading cryptofinance firms. We purposefully elevated the discussion above the key, yet traditional, AML/KYC topic, to embrace compliance crypto issues more holistically (risk levels, specific vulnerabilities, risk mgt challenges, compliance tools & regtech, governance aspects, required skills in crypto compliance, regulatory standards, banking relationship issues, where standard setting is and should be heading, and - of course - crypto AML issues and approaches).

Standalone, closed-door, discussion at the BIS (April 2019)

Excellent standalone, closed-door, discussion at the BIS, in an expert capacity, meeting a number of in-house senior managers and functional specialists, presenting and discussing i) the challenges for banking raised by Fintech, ii) the Swiss blockchain industry, iii) the CryptoValley and its Association (CVA) and policy initiatives, iv) the cryptoassets markets, the ICO ‘bell curve’ and lessons learned, the nature and prospects of STO, v) the blockchain / crypto regulation in Switzerland, elsewhere and the key prudential and conduct themes, vi) the opportunities and challenges of cryptofinance, and vii) why projects such as SEBA Crypto AG are crucial to achieve the infrastructure ‘level-up’ needed for the cryptomarkets and associated financial processes to reach maturity and sustainability.

Organising the governmental / regulatory / legal track of the landmark Cryptovalley conference 2019 (March 2019)

Exciting experience to organise the governmental / regulatory / legal track of the landmark Cryptovalley Conference 2019! Topical aspects, micro & macro perspectives, leaders on stage! Hope to see as many of you in Zug on 26 June, to listen and challenge the speakers, and drive together the blockchain and crypto industry to the next level. How can governments harvest the blockchain benefit for their economies? How does the EU spur blockchain applications? What are the Blockchain-related governmental and regulatory challenges? How do we address them? What are the AML/CFT “Reg” expectations? What are the crypto forensic “Tech” challenges and solutions? What are the broader crypto compliance challenges, developments and solutions? Discuss these and other themes with WTO, FATF, EC, SNB, Swiss FDF, PWC, Bundesblock, MME, SEBA, SBA, Frick, Cryptofinance, gwp, Lykke, WengerVieli, Baer & Karrer, Zarattini and other leaders.

No winter in Cryptovalley, but a maturing ecosystem (March 2019)

Speaking at the Crypto Valley Summit in Crypto Valley epicenter Zug (Switzerland) about Digital Securities, STOs and the future of financing.

Blockchain and banking services: between regulation and opportunities (February 2019)

Blockchain and banking services between regulation and opportunities, an event organised by the CVA Southern Alps Chapter in Lugano at the Centre for banking studies in cooperation with Ticino for finance. Over 120 attendees from Ticino and northern Italy - learning and debating the issues from both an industry and financial institution perspectives.

Presenting Thaler.One at Crypto Finance Conference (January 2019)

A fully regulated, investment grade, prime real estate investment platform (securities tokens), aka the “iTunes” of real estate market, allowing investors to build personal diversified real estate portfolios from single asset fund units. Creating liquidity, risk-managed investment freedom and securities-like returns!

Informed “fireside-style” discussion with MAS (January 2019)

Informed “fireside-style” discussion in Zug with a delegation from the Monetary Authority of Singapore around the Cryptovalley ecosystem, its regulatory policy stance, achievements and plans, and presentations by players such as SEBA Crypto AG bank project.

Lectures on Swiss crypto-regulation, self-regulation and blockchain technology (December 2018)

Lecturing on Swiss cryptoregulation & self-regulation, blockchain technology and cryptoexchanges, bringing CVA, SEBA Crypto AG and XSwiss at the Centre for banking studies in Lugano (Switzerland).

STO Panel Discussion at Consensys (December 2018)

An inspiring 100% STO (Securities Token Offering) conference, with regulatory panel, in Paris at Consensys - from projects to regulatory challenges and Cryptovalley experience and prospect.

Discussing cryptomarkets and regulation with the IMF and the cryptovalley ecosystem with a delegation from Indonesia (Nov 2018)

Speaking at The Regulation of Cryptocurrencies conference in London (Nov 2018)

Rocking the Blockchain Leadership Summit in Basel (Nov 2018)

Bringing Cryptovalley, SEBA Crypto AG and Regulatory Approach in Switzerland to Rome

ICO regulation and self-regulation in Switzerland

Learn about the current status of the Swiss ICO financial regulation (by FINMA), ICO Code of Conduct (Self-regulation by the Cryptovalley Association) and Switzerland pioneering role in these areas.

Swiss delegation to South Korea

Honored to be part of the delegation from Switzerland invited to SouthKorea to present and discuss I) how to build up a Crypto Valley (lessons from Zug) and II) ICO & investors’ protection issues, at the 2018 Global Blockchain conference (14 June 2018) - With H.E. Dr. Linus von Castelmur (Swiss Ambassador to South Korea), Dr. Matthias Michel (Minister of Economic Affairs, Canton Zug), Prof. Dr. John Junggun Oh (President, FICA), Prof. Dr. Jongseok Kim (Member of Korean National Assembly), Prof. Dr. Hyoung Joong Kim (Professor at Korea University) and many others.

Debating crypto / blockchain, finTech and cryptoregulation at the Global Challenges Summit 2018 (Astana Economic Forum)

Two panel discussions and individual meetings.

Flagging Cryptovalley, bringing my vision for sustainable cryptomarkets and effective fintech & cryptoregulation, and underlining the broader FinTech chances for the Astana International Financial Centre (AIFC)

Fintech 2018 (Seoul, South Korea, 24 April 2018)

Discussing crypto market (cryptoassets, CIOs and crypto exchanges) and crypto regulation (G20, EU, Switzerland)

Lecturing on cryptomarkets and cryptoregulation at Fintech 2018 in Seoul on 25 April 2018

ESMA (26 March 2018), Task Force on ICO and Virtual Currencies

Presenting ICO best practices, trends, discussing the regulatory response

Crypto Mountains Rocks (Davos, 23 March 2018)

presenting the FINMA ICO Guidance

World Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies Summit (Moscow, 27 January 2018)

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